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Belgium Baby!

Well, I just got back from a wonderful trip to Belgium. How did that even happen, I'm not sure. I have been performing with my very good friends Elyse and Michelle for many, many years, and finally, we have made it officiel and formed a "band" I guess. Hirondelles. We chose this because the Acadians were often compared to this bird who "always finds its way back to its nest". We are three musicians, born in Chéticamp, who chose to come settle back home. It really is a blessing to have my two best friends by my side on stage ; it just blends easily and naturally.

Anyway, back to Belgium. What a beautiful country! Brussels was amazing, with so many historical sites to visit and coffee shop galore (Oh and I can't not mention the pastries... Yes, I may have eaten too many). Namur was equally as impressive, with its citadel and quaint streets. We tried many local meals and beers, met beautiful people, sharing stories and learning about the Namurois culture. But, ya know what? Cape Breton is as beautiful as Belgium, in so many ways. Being away for a whole week made me see how lucky I am to live where I live. We often take it for granted (well at least I do). But when I take a step back and reflect on where I chose to live my life, that is when I realize I am exactly where I am meant to be. 1. The peacefulness is what I need. Quiet. Calm. And slow mornings. 2. The people are there for you. Need help with your roof? No problem. Missing an egg for that recipe? No problem. (Merci mame!)

3. The beauty. Need I say more? We may not have old architecture and skyscrapers galore, but we have mountains, oceans, fields and flowers, rivers and lakes.

Don't get me wrong, Belgium was A-MAZ-ING! But I was so happy to come back to my home, my family and my bubble.

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