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New School Year, New Routine.... hopefully

Summer has come and gone, and here we are, the first day back to school for our little (or not so little) ones. It's funny how things come and go, and although I loved my summer with my new family, I am looking forward to the next season. I am a lover of routine and structure, so here's what I hope to implement as September rolls in.

1. Supper Together... really TOGETHER ; In our house, things move fast; maybe too fast sometimes. But I truly appreciate a good meal together. I'm hoping to really connect with my loved ones during meal time. That means no tv, no music and no phones. That also means that we all eat together, not "mom serves everyone and by the time she sits down, everyone is done eating so she eats all alone"... Nope. 2. More music ; Music is a big part of who I am and I hope to pass that on to my kids in some way. This year, I will try to get them to hear me play music regularly. I will either sing with them or practice while they are with me. This is beneficial in so many ways. They will hear me sing Acadian traditional songs, they will see me work hard to master my art and they will see that music is FUN!

3. Reading before bed ; Do I need to explain this one?

4. Be outside more often ; Every time I come back from an outdoor adventure with the kids, I am EXHAUSTED and I ask myself "why did I bother?", but an hour later, I answer my own question with "because it feels SO good!". Don't let the kids win when they say "I don't want to go outside". Go! Do it! Go to the beach (sand can be rinsed off!) Go for a bike ride. Walk through the trails. And then come home and feel like you accomplished something today.

Alright, now that I've written it out, I'm gonna make it happen... right?! Wish me luck.

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